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SEO Tips: Don’t ignore your code-to-text ratio

The code-to-text ratio of a web page measures how much content it has in relation to the amount of code. Some search engines use code-to-text ratios to evaluate the relevancy of a page, and give priority to pages with a higher content ratio.  

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SEO Tips: How Amazing Banana Pancakes Get Your Content Noticed by the Search Engines

Psst! Want to be noticed by the search engines? I thought so! If you're putting up a site or a blog, you want it to become popular with the search engines. When the search engines like it, you're instantly going to see more traffic, making any site more successful.That's why we're going to share our amazing banana pancake secret of success with you... and more. 

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Affordable SEO Services by Best Web SEO Company, the search engine optimization experts!

In January, 2011, the head of the UN's telecommunications agency announced that the number of Internet users worldwide had surpassed two billion. With ¼ of the world’s population browsing the Internet, it is imperative for every business to have an Internet presence. The problem is that the creators of many business web sites do not know how to design a site that is search-engine friendly. 

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